Harman Design Imaging (HDI)

Harman Design Imaging (HDI)

Welcome New Members

PhotographyPosted by Roger 11 Mar, 2009 00:15:55
Welcome to the HDI blog.

This is where you can make comments on the website, on HDI photos and anything to do with Harman Design Imaging.

Please let us know if you can think of any improvements, or things that you like/dislike.

Thank you for your time.

HDI look forward to hearing from you!


Roger H. Harman

MD Harman Design Imaging

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Posted by Roger 12 Mar, 2009 11:42:25

Thanks Natasha,

It's always good to get feedback on the site and HDI in general.

Your comments are appreciated. smiley


Posted by Natasha Bruce 12 Mar, 2009 01:24:51

Hello there,

I'm loving the site it is very easy to use and very professional and smart!
Its refreshing to have a blog system as many sites dont and there for you can not comment on any issues you may be having.